Flush Valves – An Easy Way to Save

Stop flushing money down the drain, and start saving in one of the most important rooms of your facility: the restroom.

Restrooms can say a lot about your company. The cleanliness, design, and size can all produce an impression that customers and employees come to associate with your facility. So, too, can the type of products utilized in the restroom, and older, inefficient, well-worn, water-hogging fixtures can project an undesirable image.

Water in the Restroom

A previous post discussed all the ramifications of water usage in the restroom, including the fact that nearly 40% of a facility’s water is headed there. Measures that you take in the restroom to reduce water usage can have dramatic effects on your bottom line.

Addressing water usage in the restroom must start with the biggest offender: the toilets. But what do you do if the toilets and urinals are fine and replacing them now is entirely too soon in the product’s lifecycle? The answer is flush valves.

Flush valve manufacturers provide the option to install high-efficiency flush valves or commercial dual flush valves, both of which produce water savings without first having to replace the entire toilet or urinal. And your new flush valve will install in minutes, giving you the instant savings that will improve your bottom line.

Savings in the restroom must begin with the replacement of the fixtures that work against you.

For instance, facilities built after 1995 are bound to use toilets that flush 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) and urinals that use 1.0 gpf. But if your building was constructed before 1995, your toilets could use as much as 6.0 gpf, and your urinals could be using as much as 5.0 gpf!

Water Savings Means Money Savings

Let’s just assume that your facility is using the post-1995 flush rates, but obviously, if you find that your products are older, your savings will be even greater than those discussed here.

If your facility is currently using: 

Toilets – 1.6 gpf
Urinals – 1.0 gpf

And then you purchase some high efficiency flush valves as part of your green retrofit:

Toilets – (Sloan Retrofit Kit) – 1.28 gpf
Urinals – (Toto Auto Flush Valve) – .25 gpf

Based on those products — and there are even more efficient options available too — your facility will save 20% on toilets and 75% on urinals! According to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense website, those savings will accumulate approximately $1000 per fixture over the life of the unit.

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