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4 Alternatives to Harmful Cleaning Products

*As part of a regular series, our Professional Spotlight will examine a business whose expertise can be useful to Sustainable Supply’s customers. This week, we are featuring an article written by Greg Macchia, Founder of Clean Conscience, a professional cleaning service for homes and small businesses using only environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaning products and practices. Clean Conscience has locations in Boulder and Denver, products

Is Cleaning Harmful to Your Health?

A popular misconception about sanitizing living areas and workspaces is that using the right chemicals can get the job done.  While these harsh chemical products will sanitize your living and work space, they are not always safe to use.  Are the products you use to clean your home or office actually hurting you? The chances are high that the products you are using to make your environment safe are actually not safe for your health.

All Purpose Cleaner

Traditional all-purpose cleaners contain chemicals that can result in respiratory problems, toxicity, or even damage to DNA. The green alternative is the Simple Green all-purpose cleaner and degreaser. This all-purpose cleaner packs a punch without the harmful chemicals other cleaners contain. The fact that it is safe for food-preparation areas speaks for itself. Not to mention, you don’t need to wear personal protection to handle it because it isn’t a hazardous material like most other all-purpose cleaners.

Window/Glass Cleanercleaning products

Glass cleaner is one of the most common cleaning products. It is also a product many people use without wearing gloves or protection. Nasty chemicals in traditional glass cleaners can seep into the skin causing skin irritation at the very least and chemical burns at the worst. An excellent green alternative to a traditional glass cleaner is the ECOS Glass Cleaner by Proline. This cleaner is made from rapidly renewable resources and is EPA DFE certified to ensure the safety of human health and the environment.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

cleaning productsThe chances of traditional toilet bowl cleaner hurting you while being used are high. However, the possibility of traditional toilet bowl cleaner entering the water supply and harming you and others, later on, is even higher. To care for your health and the health of the environment, consider Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner for your next bathroom clean up. This product excludes the harmful fumes, harsh chemicals and dyes traditional toilet bowl cleaners contain. The product is scented with whole and natural plant essence and is never tested on animals. Even better? It is safe for septic systems.


Furniture Polishcleaning products

When you spray products into the air, they can linger long after the mist is visible to the human eye. Spraying traditional furniture polish cleaners into the air can cause respiratory problems like asthma and other lung damaging effects for those in the environment. Instead, choose Earth Friendly Products Furniture Polish. It is environmentally friendly while still offering the same great benefits of shine and luster on your wood furniture. The all natural ingredients are safer, and it still smells great.

The beauty of all these products is not only in the clean surfaces they leave behind but also in the fact that they are better for the environment and the overall health of the user. Next time you go to pick up a home or office cleaner, think twice about the harsh chemicals they contain and consider one of these green alternatives. provides cleaning services for the home and office and uses only green products, so if you are looking for a green cleaning service, Clean Conscience is definitely for you.

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