Use the Right Lighting in your Facility and Save on Energy Bills

When your business utilizes high-efficiency lighting, it’s your bottom line that will shine brightest. Depending on your facility type, it’s likely that the lights you require have taken the biggest toll on your energy bills.

Lighting Energy Consumption

Lights could be responsible for 30% of your building’s energy consumption. That also provides you with the opportunity to create big savings, especially if you currently have incandescents in your facility.

The first step to savings in your lighting system must include a replacement plan for the bulbs that are currently in operation. Consider the following lighting characteristics:


lighting characteristics


The chart makes clear that LEDs and CFLs outperform incandescent bulbs by a wide margin. Even taking into account the greater cost per bulb, the LED option produces measurable savings. In total, for 50,000 hours of light, the high-efficient options will produce greater than 70% savings!

Switch to high-efficiency lighting today, and you’ll achieve the most savings on your energy bill tomorrow.


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