Your Business is Only as Good as Your Restroom

The results of the 2017 Bradley Healthy Handwashing Survey provide business owners important feedback about the importance of the restroom.


For instance, 92% of Americans cited a direct connection between the quality of a business’ restrooms and the quality of the business itself. The news is even more clear for restaurants. A whopping 88% believe that if a restaurant’s restrooms are unclean, the kitchen is also dirty. It’s easy to see how repeat business can easily be affected by a seemingly unrelated factor such as the restroom.


Germ Avoidancerestroom

The conclusions don’t stop there! Over 50% of the respondents stated that dirty restrooms reveal how the company treats its customers. Over 50% also felt unclean bathrooms demonstrate the company’s management practices. With over 97% of Americans correctly identifying the importance of healthy handwashing as the first line of defense against colds, flu, and other sicknesses, an uninviting restroom might mean fewer germs washed away. Bradley’s Healthy Handwashing Survey also pointed to the lack of soap or paper towels as well as sinks that are out of service as the most common reasons that people choose not to wash their hands after using a public restroom.


restroomActions Taken to Avoid Touching Fixtures

The Survey continued its practice of asking people about the actions taken in public restrooms to avoid touching anything. While actions like using a paper towel instead of touching the faucet, door handle, or toilet flusher are predictable, close to half of Americans confessed that they will use their foot on the toilet flusher, and hover above the toilet seat instead of touching the toilet seat surface.


The Role of the Green Restroom

The eye-opening results of the 2017 Bradley Healthy Handwashing Survey are in. They suggest that your business is only as good as your restrooms and more attention must be paid there. The stakes are high. Why not take advantage of the restroom products available to accommodate expectations and improve the efficiency? From soap dispensers that meter the right amount of product and ensure that each refill lasts longer to high-speed energy-efficient hand dryers that dry hands in the same time it takes to use a paper towel. From twin, jumbo roll toilet tissue dispensers to metered flush valves, faucets, and more, the products that save money and give users what they want are available.


Now, building managers and owners need to understand the importance of the restroom for the entire business.

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