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Sustainable Supply to Compete with Billion-Dollar Companies for Website Award

Think of it as one of those classic matchups between the underdog and overdog — Rocky Balboa (in every movie), the Hoosiers, Miracle on Ice, Katniss Everdeen, or more recently, the Cavs vs. the Warriors:

Sustainable Supply

Sustainable Supply will compete with billion-dollar heavyweights W.W. Grainger Inc. and Ferguson Enterprises Inc. for the 2016 Internet Retailer Excellence Award for B2B E-Commerce Website Design of the Year, held in Chicago, IL on June 8th.


Sustainable Supply’s entirely redesigned website employs leading e-commerce technology such as responsive design, which offers a unified web experience across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.


In what would be a compelling victory for the underdog, Sustainable Supply’s new website shows the disruptive capacity of e-commerce operations. By adding numerous tools that simplify the user experience, Sustainable Supply can compete for every customer with companies like W.W. Grainger Inc., the largest retailer in the industrial supply marketplace.

Sustainable Supply

“We employ forward-thinking, customer-focused, e-commerce tools that distinguish the company as a prominent online retailer.” said Tyler Browne, Sustainable Supply’s IT Manager.Sustainable Supply


Paul Corrado, the company’s Senior Marketing Manager also added, “The new site makes it much easier to discover the products customers need, and we offer a much bigger selection.” When they launched the new website, Sustainable Supply’s product offering instantly grew from 200,000 to over 1 million.

Sustainable Supply

Corrado claims their e-commerce platform provides an advantage as they compete for customers with Grainger and Ferguson, “Enhancements made to the site enable us to spread the authority of our product experts across the country without having hundreds of locations to house them in.” Corrado pointed to an employee who has conducted over 900 field-based safety audits as the kind of expert that Sustainable Supply uses to assist customers through various means.


“We have over a million products, but we also have numerous educational pieces that support our buyers’ decision-making,” added Browne.


The Internet Retailer Excellence Award winners will be announced June 8th, 2016 at the Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition in Chicago.



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