The definitive guide to WaterSense

WaterSense is a program that assists consumers with identifying high-performance, water-efficient fixtures that can reduce water and wastewater use, costs, and conserve the nation’s water resources for future generations. The program is sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and includes a rigorous third-party certification process to earn the WaterSense label.   Reducing water […]

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The Business Case for Daylighting

“These findings put scientific rigour behind our intuitive desire for daylight. The business case is clear: daylight promotes human health and potential. Workers around the world are catching on, with many starting to question how this valuable natural element should be shared between staff.”   Check out the full story about the role of daylighting […]

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Sustainability as an Employee Perk?

“Increasingly, the organizations that really care about sustainable business practices — and that want to attract millennial workers who care about how their employers treat the planet — are embedding the notion of environmental responsibility right into their central corporate belief systems.” Check out the full story by Heather Clancy, Senior Writer at GreenBiz.

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