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The 5 Top-Selling Toilet Partitions

Aren’t all toilet partitions pretty much the same? Let’s be honest, all they need to do is provide privacy and remain sturdy for a long time, right?


Of course, the answer is… NO WAY!


The number of decisions related to washroom partitions can be daunting when you consider the range of materials, colors, mounting options and more. And toilet partitions can set the tone for the rest of the room simply by appearance. Don’t forget, Bradley Corporation’s recent restroom survey shows the aggravations associated with the appearance of the public restroom. Even the material used for your partitions can speak to your company’s values. toilet partition 2Have you implemented a sustainability plan? An Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) policy? Standard partitions materials vary widely in recycled content, extraction location, and emittance levels, all of which affect your ability to meet sustainability goals.


Toilet partitions easily fall into that category of product requiring application assistance, but here’s some useful information about the characteristics of the standard materials that will help you head in the right direction beforehand. Oh, and Sustainable Supply has industry-leading partitions EXPERTS standing by to assist you when you’re ready!


Sustainable Supply carries toilet partitions from these major manufacturers: Bradley, Bobrick, Scranton Products, Global Partitions, AMPCO, and Columbia Partitions.


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Baked enamel or powder coated bathroom partitions are the most economical material available. This material is available in a wide variety of colors and mounting styles, including floor-mounted overhead-braced, floor-braced, ceiling-hung, and floor to ceiling hung.


Let’s look at some comparables:

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In addition to the sustainability information in the table, baked enamel partitions are ideal for budget-conscious customers with low moisture restrooms. This material provides only moderate protection from vandalism, so in most cases it’s not the best choice for applications with that potential. Office buildings, restaurants, and retail stores are a few examples of customer types who commonly install baked enamel steel restroom dividers in their facilities. Sustainable Supply offers 48-hour shipping on many of the baked enamel toilet partitions in many attractive colors.


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Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions, or P-LAM as it’s commonly known in the industry, provide for an economical choice with a virtually unlimited option of colors. Laminate surfaces have been used in homes and business for many years, and most people are familiar with them as a countertop or furniture finish. However, plastic laminate also produces a versatile restroom divider material. Like the baked enamel steel materials, P-LAM is also available in the following mounting styles: floor-mounted overhead-braced, floor-braced, ceiling-hung, and floor to ceiling hung.



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Plastic Laminate is another great material for budget conscious customers. While the material is corrosion resistant, it is not moisture resistant and is not recommended for pools, health clubs, or any other high moisture environments. Facilities with graffiti and vandalism problems should not choose this material as it can be scratched, carved, and etched into. Plastic Laminate is a perfect choice, however, for an office building, doctor’s office, or restaurant that desires a custom but affordable look.


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Solid HDPE Plastic restroom dividers offer one of the best solutions for high traffic and moist environments. Solid Plastic Bathroom Partitions are impervious to moisture, meaning they won’t absorb odors, delaminate, rust, or mildew.



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Due to their heavy weight, solid plastic partitions are only available in floor mounted overhead-braced and floor to ceiling hung mounting styles.


The cost of HDPE bathroom stalls is considerably higher than powder coated/baked enamel steel and plastic laminate, however, in high moisture and vandal prone areas plastic offers years of cost savings due to the strength, resistance to moisture, and low maintenance design of the material. They are best suited for health clubs, recreation centers, pools, stadiums, schools, and other high-traffic restrooms.


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Phenolic core toilet partitions, also known as solid phenolic, is a versatile material that can be installed in a wide variety of applications. This material is one of the most durable and vandal resistant materials available. Phenolic Partitions are perfect for high traffic and moist environments. This material can also be used for shower stalls, as it resists water, oils, and bacteria.



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Phenolic toilet partitions are also an excellent choice for any green restroom design. As one of the most durable materials on the market, phenolic bathroom partitions will hold up for years in the harshest of environments.


Costs of phenolic partitions are comparable to solid plastic partitions but are typically cheaper than most stainless steel products. However, cost savings will be realized over the life of this product as it contributes to lower maintenance costs due to its unmatched durability. Phenolic is the perfect material choice for recreation centers, aquatic centers, airports, office buildings, and most high-end applications.


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Stainless Steel Bathroom Stalls have been one of the most popular materials over the past few decades. The high-end look and durability of the material remains the top choice for many building owners, property managers, architects, and contractors. Stainless Steel bathroom partitions also offer another great option for high traffic and vandal-prone restrooms.



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Fast ship partitions are available in the floor mounted overhead braced mounting style, however, custom jobs can also be fabricated in floor braced, floor to ceiling, and ceiling hung mounting styles.
While the price point on stainless steel partitions is the highest, they offer a significant return on investment due to their durability and low maintenance design. Typical applications for stainless steel restroom stalls are office buildings, restaurants, airports, rest areas, and other high-traffic restrooms. However, we do not recommend stainless steel for shower stalls or excessively moist environments.


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Armed with the knowledge you need to identify the type of toilet partition best suited for your facility, let the experts take it from there. Click the image above and you could be just two days away from your new restroom!


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